How to use Calendly


These short step- by- step video tutorials will help you get started and gain basic understanding about the following aspects of Calendly:

- A general Calendly overview

- How to create new events and tours such as Open Houses and Campus Tours

- How to add correct invitee questions to your Calendly

- Secret events and their purpose

Let's get started

Generic calendly overview

In Video 1 we will talk about what is Calendly, why do we use it and how to set up your school Calendly page for an upcoming event.

Open House

In Video 2 we will cover how to set up an Open House and which fields are critical to fill out in your Calendly set up so your event shows up accurately on the scheduling page.

Note- Since Video 2 is a continuation of Video 1, please make sure to have finished watching Video 1 before you start Video 2.

Campus Tour

In Video 3 we will walk you through the steps to set up Campus Tour and how its setting varies from those of Open House

Adding correct 6 invitee questions

In Video 4 we will cover how to add a missing question(s) out of the 6 invitee questions that you must have on your Calendly event page for any prospective familly to fill out while they book a tour at your school.

Click here to view 6 invitee Qs

Secret Event and its purpose

In Video 5 we will talk about Secret Event and how and when to make an event a Secret Event