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We are excited to be able to offer school IDs/name badges for Guidepost and ATI staff and ATI students. Name badges are a simple yet effective way to create connection to our schools both with parents and internally within your school team. 

Who will be receiving ID badges & lanyards?

  • ​​​​​​​ATI: Staff + Students, Virtual Students

  • Guidepost: Staff only

How To Order:

  1. Please fill out the provided excel data sheet completely, as all of the fields included are necessary to create, print, and ship an ID badge. Download the template here.

  2. Along with the excel sheet, you will need to provide photos for each person who needs a badge. Please provide un-cropped JPG or PNG photo files, named logically so that the badging team knows who’s photo belong to who’s record info. (The higher quality the photo, the higher quality the finished badge photo will be)!

  3. Once you have all of your order information completed and ready to go, simply click on the link to the eXpress badging™ upload center.

  4. Fill out the basic contact information fields, then drag and drop your order folder (including the excel sheet!) into the area titled “Drag your files here.”

  5. Simply click the “Upload” button, and you’re all done! 😊

Taking Photos: Best Practices

Equipment: Use a DSLR, digital camera or the latest iPhone to produce the highest quality photo possible. You can ask around your staff to borrow an iPhone or camera if needed.

Dress for Success: Keep dress as natural and professional as possible. Encourage solid colors. Avoid white tops, busy patterns, tank tops, and dangly jewelry which may be distracting.

Location: Pick a consistent location, ideally either against a solid wall or outdoors with some greenery in the distant background. Ensure there are no distractions in foreground or background. The subject should be taking up most of the frame.

Distance: Depending on the focal length of the camera, you want your subject to have enough room between them and the background to create separation.

Aspect Ratio: If you are using an iPhone, please ensure you are shooting vertical. If you are using a DSLR, please shoot 3:2 aspect ratio in camera.

Lighting: Do not take photos with the sun or bright light behind or above your subject. The best time of day is shortly after sunrise or shortly before sunset when the sun is low in the sky, or on an overcast day, so that there is no harsh light.

Positioning: Photos are more natural when people are not standing square to the camera. Angle the body a little and tilt or turn head toward the camera.

We have included examples of successful headshots below:

Still have questions? Submit a ticket here

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